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Army Chief may visit the forward location of East Ladakh, will talk to the soldiers

After a bloody clash on the Line of Actual Control (LAC), Chief of Indian Army General MM Narwane has reached Ladakh. Army sources say that Chief of Army Staff MM Narwane can visit the forward location of East Ladakh today and interact with the LAC personnel deployed and can get back to the ground situation.

  • Army chief can visit forward location
  • Can talk to soldiers posted on LAC

After extensive talks between the corps commanders of the two countries on Monday, Army Chief MM Narwane will take stock of the situation in the region today. Northern Army Commander Lt Gen YK Joshi and Corp Commander Lt Gen Harinder Singh can also accompany them to the forward location.

Today is the second day of the presence of Army Chief General MM Narwane in Leh. Today, he will hold face-to-face talks with his army commanders. In the meeting with all the army officers in Leh, they will get information about the latest dispute from China. We will take information about the preparations of the army. The latest situation of LAC will be discussed.

General MM Naravane #COAS visited forward areas in Eastern #Ladakh and reviewed operational situation on the ground. #COAS commended the troops for their high morale and exhorted them to continue working with zeal and enthusiasm.!


With this, Army Chief General MM Narwane will also take one information about the decision taken in the June 22 meeting with China. In this, 14th Corps Commander Lt Gen Harinder Singh and Northern Army Commander Lt Gen YK Joshi will also be present, but the most important will be what message will Army Chief Narwane give to his soldiers.

It is being told that amidst the peace initiative, Army Chief General MM Narwane will tell what the army has to do next. That means how to keep an eye on every move of China. After this, we will return to Srinagar today. There will also be a meeting with the army officers at the headquarters of the 15th Corps. In that meeting, we will discuss the latest situation of LOC.

Army Chief General MM Narwane, who reached Leh, spent the entire day on Tuesday among his soldiers. He went to the hospital and met the wounded soldiers. Asked his condition. These are the same soldiers who were victims of the betrayal of China on the night of 15 June, despite being injured, shattered the pride of China.

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