Crime Branch interrogates Maulana Saad’s son for two hours

The arrest of Maulana Saad, the director of Delhi-based Tabligi Jamaat, has not been arrested yet. Meanwhile, the Crime Branch of Delhi Police investigating the case has questioned Maulana Saad’s son. During the interrogation of Maulana Saad’s son, information has been sought of those who look after the functioning of Markaz.

  • Maulana Saad’s son questioned
  • Crime branch questioned for two hours
  • Information of 20 people sought

In the month of March, amidst the danger of Corona virus, a large number of people had gathered in violation of the rules. A large number of them were found to be infected with Jamati Corona, after which an FIR was registered against Maulana Saad, the operator of Markaz. The crime branch has sent several notices to Maulana Saad, but has not received satisfactory answers.


So, now the crime branch has taken a step to extract the truth from Maulana Saad’s family. The crime branch has interrogated a son of Maulana Saad. Maulana Saad’s son Saeed was questioned for about 2 hours on Tuesday. During this time, the Crime Branch team has asked for details of about 20 such people, who handle the people going to Markaz and the entire system there.

Maulana Saad has three sons and Saeed is said to be the most active in the works related to Markaz. This is the reason why the crime branch has questioned his son to clamp down on Maulana Saad. Along with the interrogation, Saeed has also been asked to ask his father to undergo a corona infection test in a government hospital.

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