ताजा खबरेदुनियाराष्ट्रीयलाईफस्टाईल

Amazon-flipkart also starts delivery of unnecessary goods, problem will remain in these cities

In Lock-down 3, e-commerce companies have also been allowed home delivery of non-essential goods. But there are many problems in this too. E-commerce companies like Amazon-flipkart will not be able to deliver non-essential goods in the Red Zone.

  • Now e-commerce companies will also supply non-essential goods
  • Companies like Amazon-Flip-kart get discounts in lockdown 3
  • Non-essential items will not be available online in red zone areas

In addition to the red zone, e-commerce companies like Amazon, Flip-kart have started taking orders in the rest zone. Significantly, many big cities like Delhi, Kolkata, Chennai, Hyderabad, Pune, Bengaluru, Ahmedabad have been kept in the Red Zone.

Amazon and flip-kart starts delivery of goods

Lets see, What will come in the red zone : In view of the outbreak of Corona virus, the government has divided the entire country into three types of zones, Green, Orange and Red. In this way, after a long gap, now you will be able to order mobile, TV, fridge, AC etc. from Amazon etc.

E-commerce companies are ready : All kinds of e-commerce companies are ready for delivery with full security system. Contact-less delivery has been arranged for many types of goods, in which the delivery agent will keep the goods outside the house.

This will not happen in cities like Delhi which are in the Red Zone. As before, people of the Red Zone will be able to take online delivery of only essential goods.

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