Global Day of Parents 2020: Global Day of Parent is celebrated in honor of parents, know in detail  

Global Day of Parents : Global Day of Parents is celebrated every year on 1 June. This day provides a special opportunity to appreciate parents and any other important person like them. The Global Day of Parents is not a public holiday but it is a day, which is celebrated globally only in honor of parents. This day is celebrated to honor the work done by them to raise children.

Importance of Global Parent’s Day

Global Day of Parents is celebrated every year on 1 June to honor them for their selfless work and sacrificial work for their children. It has always been said that parents are invaluable gifts given by God and no one can take their place in the world.

For the development of children, it is important that they grow up in a good family environment where there is happiness, love and trust. There is no doubt that the family or parents, along with teaching good qualities to their children, take care of them in every way. Even many family-oriented policies are capable of achieving sustainable development goals related to hunger and poverty alleviation that promote economic prosperity, social development.

History of Global Parent’s Day

Parent’s day is celebrated in different countries on different dates. For instance, in the USA, it is celebrated in July (4th Sunday), South Korea (8 May), etc. Global Day of Parents was proclaimed by the UN General Assembly in 1994,  to honour parents throughout the world. This day recognises the important role of responsible parenting in everyday life.   By 1994, the society had become completely self-centred.

In view of the situation, President Bill Clinton of the UN signed a congressional resolution to commemorate Parent’s Day with an effort to promote family commitment and parental responsibilities. This idea was supported by the Unification Church, and later Senator Trent Lott and introduced a bill into the senate. Further, the National Parent’s Day Coalition was developed to support this day annually as Parent’s of the Year at local, national and state levels.

In the whole world, the Global Day of Parents is celebrated on the same day. The main aim of the celebration is the same and that is to give appreciation, love, care, and respect their parents.  This is the day to provide gestures to your parents for the sacrifices, nurturing, care, and emotional strength provided by them.

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